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In its crudest form, vision based augmented reality allows you to augment the reality around you with digital content which usually adds more details to the reality than already available. As software specialist at DuMedia, Inc., I was a part of the team which continually pushed the boundaries of augmented reality. The then contemporary augmented reality scene […]


The history of surveillance (especially in the Western hemisphere) has been very well documented. Roots for human urge for surveilling others for personal gains date back to the Egyptian era. Traces of surveillance are also found in Bible, Mahabharata, Ramayana among other historical epics. As Keith Laidler proposes in his book Surveillance Unlimited: How We’ve […]


This project was built as a submission to Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge, 2012. The idea behind the desktop application is to use Intel Perceptual Computing SDK (now RealSense) to detect gestural interfaces and voice commands to create an environment for touch-less operation of a computer. Most of the daily computing tasks could be done using this application […]

Tata Manza

             Augmented Reality is a very handy tool for content visualization because it merges the real world with computer generated content and allows interaction between the two. Tata Manza is an AR application built for Android and iOS operating systems which gives a a virtual showroom experience for potential buyers of the car. […]


Have you ever felt trapped using Virtual Reality headsets? We got your back. We created a way to simultaneously walk in real and virtual spaces by hacking together iBeacons and Google Cardboard. SpaceWalk uses low-cost bluetooth sensors to triangulate your position and feed location data into your virtual headset. We see dozens of application for […]


Cloud based image recognition is a very powerful tool in augmented reality. Users can use web applications to create engaging AR interactions without having any prior programming knowledge and share these experiences with friends, family and even clients. BrowzAR is a project which allows just that. BrowzAR comprises of two parts: A web application to create AR experiences. […]


Isn’t it fascinating to see how one subtle change in interaction design changes our entire behavior towards something? Check out in this differently designed game. Yes, you can talk to it! The point of the game is to invert the accepted controls used for gaming. The idea of the game is very simple – don’t let the […]



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