Virtual Telepresence

Year: 2012Team size: 4 | Technologies: ActionScript, video streaming, chroma keying

In its crudest form, vision based AR allows you to augment the reality around you with digital content which usually adds more details to the reality than already available. As software specialist at DuMedia, Inc., I was a part of the team which continually pushed the boundaries of augmented reality. The then contemporary augmented reality scene was uniplanar – technologies allowed for augmentation of CGI only between the camera and the subject. We felt that this was limiting the potential of augmented reality in more ways than one. So, we decided to build a system which could allow video augmentation on multiple layers. As the video above shows, Teleporter Pi lets users pick up to four layers of curated videos and use them as augmentations on one layer of live camera footage. This patented technology has various of applications like augmented video chat, advanced advertising, large scale augmented reality in public spaces, etc.

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