UX of Augmented Reality Display

Year: 2017 | Team Size: 1 | Technologies: User experience design, Sketch, UI design

As technical cofounder of Etho Inc., I am responsible for designing and developing a smart motorcycle helmet. One of the bigger challenges in doing this is to overlay just the right amount of information in the rider’s FOV, because too much information is distracting and too little information doesn’t serve the purpose.

To solve this purpose, we not only used our motorcycling experience, we also talked to riders at BMW motorcycle club of Northern California to understand their needs and driving patterns. Taking this feedback into account, I came up with the following prototypes:

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Rear view camera and speedometer are by far the most important data that riders want to see while they are on a ride. Therefore, it makes sense to keep these as the most apparent features. While on longer rides, the next important information is that of navigation – hence that would take the center stage on the display. Calls, time, network, battery, etc. are not very important to know at all times, so they take up a tiny portion of the screen on the side. Markers around cars indicate their distance from the motorcycle – green meaning safe distance and red meaning dangerously close.

We decided to go with the last design in our helmets because it matched well with the Optinvent AR display that we ended up using.

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