Year: 2012 | Team Size: 4 | Technologies: C++, Visual Studio, Intel Perceptual Computing SDK, Chromium, gesture recognition, depth sensing

This project was built as a submission to Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge, 2012. The idea behind the desktop application is to use Intel Perceptual Computing SDK (now RealSense) to detect gestural interfaces and voice commands to create an environment for touch-less operation of a computer. Most of the daily computing tasks could be done using this application which could run as a service in the background.
The application has the following components:

  • Once the application calibrates a hand, the index finger acts as a mouse pointer. Clicks are simulated by a touch gesture – although there’s no screen and the user just touches the air.
  • An on screen keyboard which responds to the finger-mouse.
  • An inbuilt web browser which is built on the Awesomium SDK and has the most used bookmarks for easy access. Changing tabs is literally swipe of a hand, closing a tab is waving a hand, and adding new tab is lifting your hand up.
  • A media player which uses trivial hand gestures for music playback.
  • A sample paint application which demonstrates the capabilities of the application
  • Trivial voice commands for carrying out tasks like opening and closing applications.
  • Integration to native OS for computer operation outside of the program.

This project was one of the finalist projects in the challenge and received a spot in the honorable mentions section for the finals.

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