Motorcycle voice assistant

Year: 2017 | Team Size: 1 | Technologies: Android Studio, JAVA, API.AI, PocketSphinx, Mapbox, Google Speech. Amazon Polly

Motorcycling crash is 27 times more likely to kill you than a car crash (source: National Motorcycle Institute). To make matters worse, we use technology on the road – for GPS navigation, music playback, communication, etc. This results in something like this:


Distracted riding is one of the primary causes of motorcycle related accidents. For a safe ride, the rider has to always be aware of her surroundings and make decisions spontaneously. With the amount of information around riders at any given time, this might not always be possible. At Etho Inc., we believe that technology is supposed to alleviate distracted riding and not aggravate it.

Therefore, we built a voice assistant tailored for motorcycling into our mobile app. Here are some screenshots:

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Although having one app where you can control all your features is a vast improvement, the interface does not do much to improve rider safety on the road. Therefore, we added voice assistant to the app so you can talk to your device and let it do what you ask it to do. Here are some demo videos:


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