Cloud based image recognition is a very powerful tool in augmented reality. Users can use web applications to create engaging AR interactions without having any prior programming knowledge and share these experiences with friends, family and even clients. BrowzAR is a project which allows just that.

BrowzAR comprises of two parts:

  1. A web application to create AR experiences.
  2. An augmented reality mobile application to visualize and interact with content.

Using BrowzAR, any registered user can go to a website and upload an image which he/she wants to augment. Then using, a very intuitive interface, the user can drag and drop content on the image and that’s it. The image and overlay elements are uploaded and processed in the backend of the server. Users can then use the BrowzAR mobile application for Android and iOS to view the content coming live on their desired image. Users can also interact with 3d model overlays using touch gestures. These experiences could also be shared over social media using intuitive snapshot and screen recordings on the app.

Following is the list of media elements which can be used as overlay:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Sounds
  • 3d models (animated and non animated)
  • Call buttons
  • Email buttons
  • Facebook links
  • Twitter links
  • Website links

I architected this application during my tenure at Kagiso Interactive.

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